Introducing Adrian Guerra Makeup Rockstar!

An awkward and sensitive child, I grew up in Houston, Texas, in a Mexican-American family.  My parents owned a Mexican restaurant in downtown Houston, and I spent most of my free time there, learning about the business and the people.

My father always showed me how to be at ease with people, and he always reminded me, “Never forget to smile”. My mother taught me to hold my chin up high, and she still gives me the best advice of anyone I know. Most importantly, my parents have both given me their unequivocal support whenever I needed it — I couldn’t have asked for a more patient and loving parents.

In the summer of 2000 my parents closed their restaurant doors and I could only wonder “what now??”  Then, right on cue, the answer came: makeup.

I was waiting tables during college, and one night I worked at a party for a cosmetic company. From that moment on, everything changed: I left the restaurant business and vested my energies in this new world of make-up. I’d never had any formal training, but I quickly learned that I had a natural talent for taking ideas and translating them onto a face.

After a couple of years of working in Houston, I relocated to New York City, accepted a job at Henri Bendel, and was introduced to an extraordinary side of the cosmetic world. New York was intense, and that intensity helped me grow and learn very rapidly. After mastering a wide variety of industry-based skills I moved back to Houston to be close to my family and regrouped for my next career phase. I accepted a position at Neiman Marcus, and I enjoyed learning about their products and methods, but I quickly knew I wanted something else. I decided I needed a vacation and took a trip to Playa Del Carmen.

As soon as I stepped off the bus I fell in love with Playa. Something in the air just wouldn’t let me leave, and when I did I only wanted to return as fast as possible.  I intuitively knew that this would be my new home, and I went back to Houston, packed my closet, almost forgot my makeup ( I was so excited) and off I went! I feel incredibly lucky to live in Playa, and I want everyone to feel that energy when they work with me — even if  it’s just for a day.

My services offer a very distinctive mix of high-end professional experience and intuitive skills. Every face has a personality of its own and it’s my job to discover that  personality and bring it to life.  I love my work, and I translate that passion and enthusiasm to every project I do.

I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your special occasion.