Hints & Tips for a Flawless You!

Hints & Tips for a Flawless You!

Eat something!

Water, water, water!

Are your wedding shoes to tight? Soak a cotton ball with a little rubbing alcohol, carefully wipe it inside the shoes and it will relax the leather or the fabric. BAM! size 6 to 7 in no time!

Feeling stressed? A full body massage the day before the wedding can help eliminate tension and fatigue caused by worrying about those pesky last minute details

What’s your style and what are you attracted to? Look through magazines or online to get an idea of what you like. Print/tear those pictues out. Figure out what exactly it is that you like about the makeup. Is it that each picture has a vintage look, nude lips, or very long eyelashes? What is the eye liner like?

Mother Nature is slightly hot tempered in the Riviera Maya! I recommend rice paper blotting sheets to help reduce shine when I’m not around or you can purchase blotting compact powder from Giella Cosmetics the day of your wedding

Finally, relax & enjoy the beach!